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KUALA LUMPUR: Andrew and Andrene Teoh, the representative couple for the Catholic Marriage Preparation Course (CMPC) gave an informative session to the Family Life Ministry parish representatives on the various programmes that are offered by the archdiocese to assist couples and families in their growth. The following programmes were explained in depth i.e. CMPC, Marriage Encounter, Evenings for Couples, Evenings for Parents and Retrouvaille.

The Catholic Marriage Preparation Course (CMPC) is an innovative way to prepare engaged couples for a lifetime relationship of love. The programme is designed to help couples enter the Sacrament of Matrimony armed with a commitment to love as Christ loves. It prepares all engaged couples, even though one partner may be a non-Catholic.

The Marriage Encounter weekend is for all married couples who want to enrich their relationship, especially after five years of marriage. It does not matter whether the couples are Catholics or not, though Catholics are given priority. It is also for priests and religious who want to revitalize their relationship with the people of God and discover an even deeper appreciation of their own vocation.

Evenings for Couples is for all married couples, especially those in the first five years of marriage. There are two series to this programme, Evenings for Couples 1 and Evenings for Couples 2. Both series consist of four sessions that focus on the growth and development of a couple in their marriage. The sessions help couples celebrate more fully the vocation to which God has called them and supports the couple in their relationship and awakens in them the beauty of their Sacrament. Evenings for Parents is a two series programme.

Evenings for Parents 1 and Evenings for Parents 2, both of which foster a better relationship between parents and children. In each series, there are four topics presented to help parents become more conscious of their significance and importance as persons and their responsibility as parents. Through direction, exercises and discussions, parents come to a sense of solidarity with other parents, and are strengthened by this intercommunication.

The Retrouvaille programme is a lifeline for hurting marriages. It is a platform to mend broken dreams, revitalise strained relationships and bring back hope for a life-time of love. Retrouvaille will help all couples who want their marriage to work but do not know how to get out of the rut. It is NOT a time for hurting but a time for healing. The first Retrouvaille weekend will be held in Kuala Lumpur from January 26 to 28, 2018.


Article reproduced from Herald Malaysia online

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