Holy Spirit Cathedral holds Family Day

The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit celebrated Family Day on July 14. Families and individuals came together sportingly to participate in activities, with lots of fun and laughter, during the half day event. It was a unique way to remind the parishioners of the importance of family and friends and help foster closer ties. It also portrayed the unity in diversity of the parish.

The celebrations kicked off with an opening prayer by Fr Francis Anthony at the Dewan Holy Spirit.

Individuals and families were placed under 5 groups. The first game was the Ice Breaker. Then they broke up to go to different stations around the church compound and classrooms to participate in all the games.

There were 14 games in all. Some were traditional games which brought back childhood memories. Others challenged the participants’ creativity. Some activities were based on Bible Knowledge and others on artistic ability.

The participants were from diverse backgrounds, ages and language groups yet they all enjoyed the games and had so much fun together. Older members kept steady with the aid of walking sticks. Mothers helped their little ones.

The event was filled with a variety of people, games and food. The highlight was the breaking of the pot game towards the end.

Fr Joachim Robert, the Parish Priest, brought the celebration to a close with a short speech and prayer. Individual participants were given a rosary each, while families were given a candle to take home. All were reminded to pray for the success of the One Year Journey Towards the Golden Jubilee of the Parish, which will be celebrated on Pentecost Day in 2019.


Article reproduced from Herald Malaysia online

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