Coming together for BEC Sunday in St Thomas More parish

SUBANG JAYA: The Church of St Thomas More (STM) dedicated November 25, the Feast of Christ The King, for the celebration of BEC Sunday during its 11.45am Mass.

The celebration began with a procession of forty-two BECs, with their coordinators and representatives carrying banners with the names and pictures of the patron saints of their respective BECs, together with STM’s BEC Vision Statement.

The Church was filled to capacity. There was an atmosphere of excitement as the congregation witnessed the procession of the banners of their BECs. STM Parish Priest, Fr Raymond Pereira, thanked the BEC coordinators and called upon the parishioners to support and be part of their respective BECs. He added that we should not look for BEC support only when the need arises but participate in the prayers, activities and reach out to others, especially the inactive ones. He added that he helped gather the people by celebrating Home Masses at almost all the BECs of STM parish and was very impressed with the good turnout and well prepared liturgy.

In his homily, Fr Raymond stressed on the 4Ps. If we allow Jesus to be the King of our hearts, He longs to give us the Power of the Holy Spirit; the Privilege to be called God’s children, the Position that comes with the promise of a permanent place in His Kingdom and Possession of a relationship with Him.

The BECCOT chairman, Gevanantham Marimuthu, thanked the BEC coordinators for making this celebration a meaningful one. He then emphasised on the STM BEC Vision: “To create smaller communities of about 20 families in our parish community of STM where Christ-centred relationships can be deepened and where everybody knows each other’s families on a first name basis.”

Having mentioned the STM Vision, Geva urged parishioners who are yet to join as members of their BECs to get in touch with their leaders. He stressed that the BEC is a core need among all other needs of the Catholic Church. Geva then invited everyone for a potluck fellowship at the Church terrace.


Article reproduced from Herald Malaysia online

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