Heeding the needs of those in the peripheries

On November 18, in conjunction with World Day of the Poor, the BEC of St Anthony from Good Shepherd Church organised on outreach programme to migrants living on the fringes of society, more than 100km away from the city.

This outreach was also part of the annual Advent almsgiving that the BEC has been practising.

Advent is a time of giving and sharing with the less fortunate. And that sharing is not limited to those we know. It is also for the person whom we have never met and those who need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.

The BEC members, along with other well-wishers, responded to the needs of the migrant community of more than 60 families living and working in farms in Banting. These migrants fled their native land for an uncertain future, here in Malaysia.

Hundreds of bags of rice, bottles of cooking oil, trays of eggs, cartons of chocolate malt drinks and more were purchased to support the migrants in the spirit of Christ’s love for the poor and marginalised. Soft toys were also presented to the kids.

Children and adults alike who visited the farm were humbled and in awe of the simplistic living conditions of these migrants. A sense of thankfulness for what we have and gratitude for life’s blessings that we take for granted emerged at a discussion over dinner later that night.

Oh, that today you would listen to His voice, harden not your hearts!


“Seeing the migrants in the farm, with the animals all around, reminded me of Jesus being born in the manger. This Christmas will be special for me as I was able to share my toys and books with the poor children.” — Sophia Joyce Raymond, 8 

“It was a very humbling experience that has made me reflect more on gratitude, especially with the upcoming advent season.” — Jessica Anne Doss, 16 

“Words cannot describe the joy I felt when I saw the faces of gratitude and happiness amongst the migrants. Connecting with them and creating a sense of belonging with the community at large proved that our outreach effort is worth the while.”


Article reproduced from Herald Malaysia online

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