Receiving the Eucharist unites us with Jesus Christ

KUALA LUMPUR: Sixteen communicants, dressed in white, arrived at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Nov 3. The church was filled with family, relatives and friends who have been lifting these children in prayer and journeying with them in faith.

As they received Jesus for the very first time through His Body and Blood, smiles of happiness lit each communicant’s face. These little ones then presented a liturgical dance as thanksgiving, followed by the presentation of certificates to the communicants by Fr Edwin Peter and Fr Simon Lau.

Earlier, on October 13, the children from the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Chapel of Our Lady of Good Health attended their First Holy Communion (FHC) Camp at Serenity Sanctuary, Bentong.

The Camp was organised by the FHC Parents’ Committee. They kept in mind the importance of receiving the Body and Blood of Christ for the very first time and instilling in the children that this sacrament is a profound way of uniting with Jesus.

The activity “Gift of God” taught the children to appreciate mother nature. Then the communicants were introduced to their theme song, My God Loves Me which they performed on Communion day.

The next activity ‘Ingenious’, was a fun session which required them to put pieces of Lego together to make a rosary. They also learned that little ideas can be achieved through patience and perseverance.

The last activity, ‘Imaginative’ tapped into the children’s artistic talents as they wrote notes of love and gratitude to their teachers and parish priests.

The children, together with their parents and godparents, received the Sacrament of Reconciliation on October 19. The presence of four priests in attendance, Fr Edwin Peter, Fr Simon Lau, Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam and Fr Phillip Chua, highlighted the importance of this sacrament — to be fully in communion with Jesus through His grace and mercy.

As these children receive the Body and Blood of Christ for the very first time, let us, as parents, teachers and guardians, continue to instill in them the essence of this sacrament. We should also remind ourselves that this is not merely a rite of passage for us, Catholics. Every time we receive Holy Communion, it should be just as special as the first.


Article reproduced from Herald Malaysia online

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