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Sandakan organises marriage enrichment seminar

A section of the couples having communication session with each other at the Marriage Enrichment Seminar organised on 15-16 June 2018, Sandakan Pastoral Centre.

SANDAKAN – Fifty-six couples and 26 singles attended a marriage enrichment seminar organised jointly by the Family Life Commission, Parish Family Life Ministry, and the Catechetical Commission at the Conference Hall, Diocesan Pastoral Centre here on 15-16 June 2018.

The main speaker was Father Barnardinus Prihartana Agung of Semarang Indonesia.  His session touched on family values based the Diocesan Mission.

He emphasised that Christ’s words to Peter in Matthew 16:18-19: “On this rock I will build my church” can also referred to the family as the family is called to be a domestic church.  Therefore, the married couple is the rock upon which the domestic church is built.

In this context, the key signifies the key of peace, of well-being, of happiness and it is given jointly to the married couple.

Among the activities organised were communication sessions between couples, testimonies, and renewal of marriage vows at the concluding Mass.

At the final dinner, the head of the PFLM, exhorted the participants to strengthen one another as they have been strengthened by Christ himself (cf Lk 22:32) – Eva Siruno, Sandakan Diocesan Blog


Article reproduced from Catholic Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu

Tawau BEC Youth gather for DOCAT

The participants pose for the camera at the end of the DOCAT session, 10 June 2018, in the house of James J Kumanireng in Tawau.

TAWAU – Sixty-one youth from three communities gathered for the DOCAT on 10 June 2018 at the house of James Joseph Kumanireng.

Initiated by Msgr Nicholas Ong, the gathering was organised by Franciscan  Sister Julita Joseph and Seminarian Dafrin Diwol.

The attendees came from the Tinimungan KadazanDusun Murut Community (TUKAD), Filipino Pastoral Community (FPC), and the Indonesian Pastoral Community (KPI).

The visit was an effort to enlighten the youth on the Sandakan Diocesan Vision ie “A Christ-centred community serving one another with love.”

In his catechesis, Msgr Ong touched on family-related themes (articles 112, 114, 115, 117) as seen from the perspective of DOCAT, the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) for youth.

He said God created people to live in community – in a family or in a religious institute.  The family is the basic unit of society where one learns about human and Christian values.

This was followed by a lively Q&A session before it ended with a fellowship meal (potluck). – Sandakan Diocesan Blog


Article reproduced from Catholic Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu

Tawau celebrates parish feast day with bazaar

A scene of the bazaar at the parish canteen marking Holy Trinity Parish Feast Day, 24 June 2018.

TAWAU – Holy Trinity Parish here celebrated feast day on 24 June 2018, Nativity of St John the Baptist with bazaar and family day celebration.

Eight hundred parishioners turned up for the Mass presided by Msgr Nicholas Ong, concelebrated with Father Sunny Chung.

In his homily, Msgr Nicholas touched on the role of being the witnesses of Good News like John the Baptist: “… we are expected to become the instrument of Christ, to bring others to Him that we may all share His salvation.”

He also emphasised on the importance of unity regardless of status, race, language and culture:  “For us to be part of the salvation, we must live in communion with others. Be united, and become the light of the world, the bearer of peace,  shown in readily forgiving, accepting, supporting one another, and having a genuine concern for each other. This way Christ will live in our midst.”

After Mass, all parishioners proceeded to the parish canteen for food bazaar and the Family Day celebration at the parish hall. A traditional dance from the Indonesian community of St Thomas Bombalai welcomed the people to the venue.

Among the activities were a 13-minute video presentation on the parish history, cultural stage  performances, and games for all.

The event closed with a prayer by Fr Chung and cleaning of the hall by all.  – Julita Kantod, Sandakan Diocesan Blog


Article reproduced from Catholic Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu

40 parish staff attend EDP refresher course

The participants and organisers pose for remembrance after the half-day EDP refresher course, 3 July 2018, Catholic Archdiocesan Centre Penampang.

PENAMPANG – Forty parish staff attended an Electronic Data Processing (EDP) refresher course at the Catholic Archdiocesan Centre here on 3 July 2018.

The attendees came from 16 parishes and a sub-parish in the archdiocese.  Most of them are young and some work on a voluntary basis in their respective parishes.  Only two have attended a similar course some years before.

Gerard Chung, head of the Archdiocesan EDP Unit, facilitated the course, touching on keying in of data in four main areas of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, and Death.

He reminded them to send in the data by yearend to the Bishop’s Office which are collated to be sent to the Vatican by May the following year.  The data are also kept in the Archdiocesan Archives.

Chung introduced an interactive software programme “team viewer” which so far has only been used by Ranau parish.

Dominic Lim of the Archdiocesan Secretariat handled the Q&A session, mostly on challenges encountered in the parishes in the course of this work.

The course ended with lunch for all.


Article reproduced from Catholic Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu

Pauline Cooperators close centenary celebration with renewal of pledge

The Pauline Cooperators renew their pledge before Archbishop John Wong at the closing centenary Mass, 2 July 2018, Sacred Heart Cathedral Chapel Karamunsing.

KOTA KINABALU – Eleven members of the Association of Pauline Cooperators closed their centenary celebration with a renewal of their pledge at the chapel of the Sacred Heart Cathedral here on 2 July 2018.

The renewal of the pledge took place after Communion preceded by the recitation of the centenary prayer of the Pauline Cooperators by everyone.

In his homily, Archbishop John Wong said he had often been inspired by St Paul’s zeal after his conversion – a “180-degree turn, not 360-degree” – when he was a seminarian and challenged those gathered to live out the call to holiness in today’s world (Pope Francis’ Gaudete et Laetitia).

Around 80 people joined the Pauline Family – Daughters of St Paul, Institute of Our Lady of the Annunciation, Association of Pauline Cooperators – at the closing centenary Mass followed by a fellowship meal at the parish canteen.

Joining Abp Wong at the altar was Msgr Nicholas Ong of Sandakan Diocese.

The lay association was founded by Blessed James Alberione in Italy on 30 June 1917.  It spread its wings to Sabah in 1992.  Four members and three collaborators attended the international congress held in Rome in May 2018, the culmination of the yearlong (2017-2018) commemoration of the centenary.


Article reproduced from Catholic Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu

22 retired teachers honoured at annual Archdiocesan teachers day

KUDAT: Twenty-two retired teachers were honoured at the Archdiocesan Teachers Day at the De Wit Memorial Hall here on 30 June 2018.

The honourees were from Kota Marudu (9) and Kudat (13).  They received a certificate of appreciation and a bag of local delicacies from Archbishop John Wong after lunch.

Earlier, a Thanksgiving Mass was held at St Peter Church, presided by Abp Wong and concelebrated with Father Jalius Sading, spiritual advisor to the Archdiocesan Education Commission. Deacons Russell Lawrine and Gilbert Marcus assisted at the altar.

The 81 schools – kindergarten, primary, secondary – are grouped under 10 zones in the archdiocese: Inanam, Kota Kinabalu, Kudat & Kota Marudu, Labuan, Likas, Papar, Penampang, Ranau & Kota Belud, Tanjung Aru, and Tuaran – were introduced during the entrance procession.

At the Presentation of Gifts, symbolic gifts pertaining to the teaching profession were brought to the altar by representatives of the different zones.

In his address at the hall, Abp Wong reminded those present to see their teaching profession not as a career but as a mission imbued with Christian and human values such as honesty, fairness, truthfulness, peace, patience, forgiveness, and others.

In this way, the prelate continued, others not of the same faith will be evangelised  – enfleshing the theme: Empowered by the Holy Spirit to be the Witnesses of Christ in the field of education.

After his speech, Abp Wong officiated the opening of the event by placing the globe into the open hands, followed by signing of the commemorative plaque.

This year’s event was hosted by St Peter Kudat for the Kudat-Kota Marudu Zone.  Next year’s host will be Blessed Sacrament Labuan.

The past host parishes were Likas (2011), Kota Kinabalu (2012), Inanam (2013), Papar (2014), Penampang (2015), Tanjung Aru (2016), and Ranau & Kota Belud (2017).


Article reproduced from Herald Malaysia online

Church requests for land to build a church in Batu Kawan

The Bishop of the Diocese of Penang, Rt Rev Datuk Sebastian Francis has humbly requested for land in Batu Kawan to build a new church.

“I humbly request the state for land to build a church in Batu Kawan, where the story of the first arrivals of Chinese settlers from mainland China began,” Bishop Sebastian said.

He was speaking at the Parents’ Day fundraising dinner at the Church of the Holy Name of Mary in Permatang Tinggi on June 17.

“I would like to thank the donors who helped to build our new Church of the Holy Name of Mary and the parish centre in Permatang Tinggi.

“The building project is necessary due to the growing needs of the local residents in this area. We will keep the old beautiful iconic church, which is of heritage value, for our future generation.

“Our records tell us that the first baptism recorded in this church was on Sept 10, 1893,” Bishop Sebastian said.

He said that the fundraising effort managed to raise RM2.1 million so far. It is understood that the church needs RM6 million for the project.

Bishop Sebastian thanked the state for the RM20,000 financial aid for the maintenance of the beautiful iconic church.

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said he would check with the Penang Development Corporation (PDC) if there are any land reserves for religious purposes in Batu Kawan.

“Your request for a piece of land in Batu Kawan will be given utmost priority,” Chow said.


Article reproduced from Herald Malaysia online

Churches give to Tabung Harapan

“The Catholic churches of Penang diocese, together with the five states of our diocese, the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur and the Diocese of Malacca Johore, will be contributing all the June 22-24 collections to the Tabung Harapan to help our Government settle the national debt of this country.

“Let us work together for this brand new Malaysia,” said Bishop Sebastian Francis.

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow recorded his appreciation to the church over the announcement by the bishop.

“This gesture is deeply appreciated. We also appreciate your prayer to bring forth change and the birth of a new Malaysia.

“We pray that the new government will listen to the aspirations of the people, come up with good policies that can help Malaysia regain her glory, get rid of corruption and abuse of power and to ensure that we can enjoy the fruits of development here in Malaysia,” he said.


Article reproduced from Herald Malaysia online
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